Barnstaple Fair Proclamation

Where: The Guildhall, Barnstaple

When: Wed 17th Sep

Time: 11am-12 noon

How much: Ticket only

Although its origins are lost in antiquity, they are said to be as old as the town itself.

The ancient Proclamation Ceremony takes place on the Wednesday preceding the 20th September in the Guildhall, where civic guests, dignitaries and invited members of the public are guests of the Mayor and the Town Council for this special occasion.

During the ceremony a large white glove, decorated with flowers and ribbons, is suspended over the street from the top window of the Guildhall. It symbolises the open hand of friendship to welcome those who wish to trade at the fair, and the many thousands attending it.

Barnstaple Fair continues from the opening on the Wednesday right through to Saturday night, the 20th September and on this day, Barnstaple Carnival, in keeping with ancient tradition, sees colourful floats and processions make their way around the town.


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