Barnstaple Regatta

Where: View from The Strand

When: Sun 10th Jul

Time: 9.00 am- 12 noon

How much: Free

The Barnstaple Pilot Gig Club are holding a regatta on Sunday 10th July. The best place to see the event will be from The Strand, Barnstaple.

Racing will take place from about 9.00 am to 12.30 noon, and there should be at least 6 clubs (and therefore 6 boats) taking part. There will be Ladies, Men, Veteran and Junior crew races and, if the tide allows, mixed crew racing.

Race Control will be outside the Old Railway Station (Pathfields) and there will be a cake stall and a raffle inside the building. Potentially there will be at least 3 crews per boat, so there will be more than 100 rowers taking part.


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