Jason and the Golden Fleece

Where: St Anne's Arts Centre

When: Wed 26th Oct

Time: 2.30pm

How much: £10

Jason seems to have it all. Heir to the throne of Iolchis, he's been taught by a centaur and protected by the Goddess Hera. The only problem is that his uncle wants the throne of Iolchis for himself. And the only way Jason can reclaim the throne is to win the Golden Fleece. Jason gathers a band of friends to help him, including Heracles and Atalanta. They board the Argo and set sail for the edge of the known world determined to find the Fleece.

Multi Story’s adaptations have won awards, five star reviews, toured North America, South America and Europe and represented the UK at an International Children’s Theatre festival in Canada. Here they are again breathing new life into an ancient myth with all the fun, wit and wisdom that such a tale deserves!


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